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Product Description

The Steel Strength occlusion strap is designed to optimize the results of physical workouts and promotes lean muscle growth and toning without lifting heavy weights.

While lifting heavy weights is an excellent way to build muscle, it is very difficult to lift heavy weights without building muscle. You need to lift weight to build muscle, you need muscle to lift the weight. To cut out this irony, occlusion training is a great choice! The occlusion training helps you build muscular strength with low-impact exercises that would otherwise be achieved from high-impact exercises. Build a body of weight lifters without actually lifting much weight.

Occlusion training work by disrupting blood flow to the muscles of limbs during workout sessions. It includes aerobics, resistance exercises, and physiotherapy but with restricting blood flow to the limbs. Restricting blood flow towards the muscles intensifies the impact of a workout on muscles. 

It is a scientifically proven way to safely and effectively increase muscle strength and size. Clinical studies have shown that blood restriction straps improve the results of these exercises and boost muscle growth by increasing the production of protein. This helps achieve better results in less time.

Super Strong and Super Comfortable

An exclusive design made from thick elastic fabric for blood flow restriction that is proven by scientific studies to elevate protein synthesis in muscle for building stronger thicker muscles during occlusion training

Our Occlusion strap is designed with a classy look for professional bodybuilders and fitness influencers.

  • It is super convenient to use and very comfortable
  • 2 Inch wide, thick elastic fabric
  • High-quality, and comfortable design
  • Very Strong and durable material

The Occlusion Straps help you achieve:

  • Results of high-intensity workouts from low-intensity workouts
  • More lean muscles, Well toned limbs, and an athletic body
  • Better results in less time

Achieve the most out of your workout and training. 

Don’t delay any more! 

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