Weight Lifting Straps

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Product Description

Steel Strength launches weight-lifting straps for bodybuilders and fitness freaks and athletes to help them with potential muscle growth and mass. Our weight  Lifting Straps are made of the finest cotton and are created to work when you need them. Go to the gym and stop speculating about what your next set of straps should be. In order to support your wrists and hands as you shrug, deadlift, or finish a hardback day, our weight lifting straps have neoprene padding. Purchase them right away and test them risk-free. You'll stand in for a company that doesn't accept lame justifications. No of the lift or program, these lengthy, extremely sturdy "no slide" straps improve any workout and improve your physical performance.

Why Do You Need Weight-Lifting Straps?

For anyone aiming to develop high-quality muscle, the Rise Lifting Straps are a need. The weakest muscle involved in a lift will always tire before the larger ones can fully benefit from the activity. The grip is what leads to early failure in a lot of lifts.

When your pull muscles are at their limit, break out the Rise Lifting Straps and see them do just that. It's time to maximize your training so that your grip won't prevent you from experiencing actual muscle depletion any longerWith the Rise Lifting Straps, you may begin exhausting those larger body parts and realize your full potential for muscle growth. Our athletes will attest to the fact that those straps are the best available, bar none.

In essence, this means that without lifting straps, your forearms would frequently be tired before you can properly stimulate your back, traps, and shoulders to expand. That's why you need weight-lifting straps to provide support for your workouts. 


  • 4 millimeters of neoprene
  •  100% fine cotton
  • Tool for isolating and targeting muscles