Wrist Wraps

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Product Description

One of Steel Strength's greatest sources of pride is the original Rise Wrist Wraps. If you regularly lift weights, you are aware of the discomfort and suffering that can result from placing too much strain on one's joints. By including this equipment in your workouts, you can eliminate the pain associated with your training. They offer maximum support for those hefty lifts because they are strong and tight. They are a symbol of the dependable Rise quality because they are simple to use and have adjustable sizing. that makes it a customized product for everyone. 

What's New?

The  Wrist Wraps, our featured product, entered the market as the new kid on the block and quickly made a reputation for themselves. We encourage you to learn more about what makes them unique since they are the product in our inventory that has garnered the most awards.

We spent every penny on a top-notch design that has large Velcro for a precise fit and simple adjustments. You will definitely be thankful for having an easy-to-use design and quick removal. Moreover, the thumb loop lets you spend more time exercising and less time making modifications. Simply put, these wrist wraps are done properly.


  • 18-inch length
  •  6.5-inch-wide velcro
  • Design to protect joints