L Arginine in Pakistan

L Arginine in Pakistan


It is an amino acid that is required for protein synthesis in the body. L-arginine can be added to your diet by consuming food high in protein like nuts, fish, red meat, chicken, and dairy products. We can take l-arginine supplements to meet our daily requirements.

Role Of L-Arginine In Our Body:

 It plays a vital role in protein synthesis and blood circulatory mechanisms.

L-arginine is converted into Nitric Oxide, which is helpful in normal blood circulation in the body. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator i.e., causes arterial dilation, hence improving arterial blood flow. L-arginine is very appealing to athletes because of the same reason. During strenuous exercise, our body muscles and heart require more oxygen and blood flow. L-arginine supplements are beneficial for boosting their workout stamina and maintaining heart health.

 Can We Have L-Arginine From Natural Sources?

It is an essential amino acid, naturally present in food sources like fish, meat, and dairy products. It is required by athletes to enhance their capacity and performance.

Important Tips For Athletes:

Following are a few beneficial tips for athletes:

  • Have some nutritious energy bars having nuts for an instant energy boost. 
  • Have whole-grain cereals as they are high in nutritional content
  • Keep hydrated
  • Add the best l-arginine supplement by Ginnastic Nutrition to your daily 
  • Eat a protein-rich diet like fish, meat, poultry, and dairy products
  • workout schedule. As it enhances your exercise stamina and cardiovascular health.

The Best L-Arginine Supplements Available In Pakistan: 

Ginnastic Nutrition has manufactured various L-Arginine supplements under the supervision of its nutritionist and fitness trainers. Following are the products comprises of L-arginine:


Fertika is a versatile product by Ginnastic Nutrition to boosts your testosterone levels and enhances libido in both males and females. 50mg L-arginine is added to this product by keeping in mind its vasodilatory properties. It enhances male fertility and treats erectile dysfunction-related health issues.

Whey Protein:

Ginnastic Nutrition designed this product for bodybuilders. It is a combo of various nutrients for increasing protein synthesis to improve muscle mass and power. It contains 582mg of arginine for maintaining heart health and improving exercise stamina.


It comprises 250 mg of L-arginine to enhance libido and treat erectile dysfunctioning in males. This supplement is designed to prevent and enhance male sexual performance.

Extreme Fat Loss Combo:

This combo comprises 50mg of L-arginine for regaining and maintaining sexual health during your weight loss journey.

Intra-Post Workout:

This combo has BCCA, which is a flavored amino acid supplement for improving your muscle strength and helpful in achieving your fitness goals.

Ultra Power And Strength Stack:

It is a blend of all the essential nutrients including L-arginine for improving muscle strength and enhancing libido.

Ginnastic Nutrition’s L-Arginine benefits:

Ginnastic Nutrition’s  L-Arginine offers the following benefits to the body: 

  •  Plays a crucial role in regulating cardiovascular health by supplying the Nitric oxide compound.
  •  Helps in boosting your stamina and performance. This amino acid is carefully formulated to full fill an athlete's daily workout requirements.  
  •  Helps in protein synthesis to increase muscle strength
  •  Involves in vasodilation to improve blood flow
  •  Helps in growth hormone production
  • Improves libido
  • Improves sexual performance

Always consult your doctor before starting any new supplements. L-arginine is a safe product but its dietary requirement may vary from one individual to another. Ginnastic Nutrition has formulated multiple products by adding L-arginine to them due to its vast range of beneficial effects for bodybuilders and athletes,

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