How Nutritional Supplements are Different from Prescribed Medicines

How Nutritional Supplements are Different from Prescribed Medicines

There's lots of confusion regarding supplements and medicines since they're identical in size and shape. It's not difficult to conclude that each are utilized to treat health issues. 

A crucial question to address: What's the distinction between a drug and a diet supplement, or how are they viewed and treated?

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Medicines vs. Supplements



  • The chemical compounds in medicines can be employed to treat, diagnose and prevent disease.
  • It is a medication and a composition of pharmaceuticals to treat specific ailments.
  • Produced clinically in laboratories.
  • Drugs can trigger dependency and addiction.
  • Fast results, but they don't cure conditions of the lifestyle, such as sugar or blood pressure.
  • Treatments for diseases are temporary like decreasing pain, controlling blood sugar levels, or isolating an illness.

  • Supplements are utilized to make up for the nutritional deficit and supply the proper minerals or vitamins to your body.
  • Supplements are element of your food, and are a healthy and healthy way to eat.
  • Produced from organically grown fruit and vegetables/extracts.
  • Supplements are safe and not addictive.
  • It bridges the gap caused by the absence of vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Aid in preventing and curing chronic diseases, and provide long-term benefits.

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